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Spanish prisoner declared dead wakes up in morgue

11 January 2018, 08:17 | Anna Nguyen

An investigation has been launched into how the man ended up being prepared for an autopsy

An investigation has been launched into how the man ended up being prepared for an autopsy

Well that scenario was almost a reality for a prisoner in Spain who was found unresponsive in his cell.

He was found unconscious in his cell on Sunday (Jan. 7), and was believed to be dead, according to the Spanish news outlet La Voz de Asturias. But we don't mean "out of it" like the bloke who passed out at your house party and won't wake up - he was deemed medically dead.

"He was taken away for an autopsy without police presence because at that point he was thought to be dead".

The "corpse" was put in a body bag after three medics claimed that he is dead after not noticing any signs of life.

According to local paper La Voz de Asturias, his body was "ready to be opened up" when snoring was heard inside the bag.

Doctors have told local media that it could be a case of catalepsy, which is a trance or seizure, where you completely lose all sensation and consciousness. Symptoms include loss of muscle control and even slowing down functions, including breathing.

For three medical professionals to get such an important diagnosis wrong is nearly unheard of.

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The inmate was discovered at a jail in the Asturias region, northwest Spain, and rushed to Oviedo hospital where he is in intensive care.

Given he had been slumped in a chair complaining of feeling ill the day before, and there were no visible signs of foul play, prison authorities had no reason to suspect he was actually alive.

Other medications, such as anti-psychotics and ketamine as known to also induce catalepsy. Watson Doroteo, 24, from Tingo Maria was believed to have died after suffering a fever and chills following a root canal operation.

Luckily, before the procedure started, Jiménez started showing signs of life, and was quickly transferred to a nearby hospital.

She continued, "I can't comment on what happened at the Institute of Legal Medicine, but three doctors have seen clinical signs of death, so it's still not clear at the moment why this occurred".

His family suggested that he may have been alive the whole time and was simply sedated by drugs from the operation.

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