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Google slapped with 'unprecedented' class action lawsuit in UK

01 December 2017, 05:39 | Bernard Bryant

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The case being brought against Google by this campaign is what is known as a representative action, similar to a class action; where a group of people all affected by the same thing are represented by a single person's claim. He alleges that Google circumvented the default privacy settings for Safari on iPhones and iPads between the summer of 2011 and spring of 2012, in a clandestine effort to surreptitiously collect browsing histories of individuals and serve targeted advertising.

'I believe that what Google did was simply against the law.

The ICO found the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust guilty of sharing sensitive data of 1.6 million patients with Google DeepMind without adequately informing patients that their data would be used by DeepMind to conduct clinical safety tests. Although the size of any potential payout would be determined by the court, Lloyd said he expected each claimant would receive several hundred pounds.

A former government adviser and executive director of consumer rights group Which?, Lloyd says he has "rarely seen such a massive abuse of trust where so many people have no way to seek redress on their own". In an interview granted to the BBC, Google stated that an action of this sort was "not new".

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Lloyd stated that after the action was lodged Google responded that he must "come to California" if he wanted to pursue any sort of legal action against the firm. A group called Google You Owe Us is filing a lawsuit against Google in the UK. It was known as the Safari workaround, and while at the time Google said the practice was limited to its Google Plus initiative, the United Kingdom group made the case that the tracking was much broader and in breach of United Kingdom data protection laws.

Lloyd secured funding for the action through litigation funder Therium Capital Management, which has previously backed actions against Volkswagen during the emissions scandal and an action against European truck manufacturers over price fixing. "We don't believe it has any merit and we will contest it", said a company spokesperson.

Google has dismissed the case and said it is ready to fight it in court.

Google has already paid millions of dollars to US states and the US Federal Trade Commission over the Safari security bypass. Ultimately, the court ordered Google to pay off a $22.5 million penalty, almost the largest fine ever given by the Federal Trade Commission.

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