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Microsoft is finally bringing Outlook.com into the 21st century

10 August 2017, 11:34 | Patty Hardy

Microsoft launches a faster, smarter Outlook.com into public beta

Microsoft is promising a faster sleeker smarter email service that users can now test out. A beta version

Outlook.com is getting a fresh redesign for a more modern look and a smarter inbox all-round, along with a boost on the performance front to make things like attaching files a nippier process.

Most importantly: once the Outlook.com beta loads, do not untick the "try the beta" toggle, as this will permanently remove your Microsoft account from the beta, even with the workaround, and even on other browsers and PCs. Microsoft announced that it rolls out access to the beta over time, but did not provide a timeframe for the roll out. Don't use it, as you will be opted-out of the beta and can not use the URL anymore to load it.

Inspired by the Outlook Mail app in Windows 10, the Outlook.com beta has a new design, which includes iconography from Windows 10 and a hamburger menu.

For this redesign, Microsoft is using a new development framework that the company claims is more responsive and that enables the team to deliver a more modern design.

The new version also will feature an upgraded search experience, as well as a refreshed conversations view.

All you have to do to get Outlook.com to offer you beta access is to log into the webmail site and then change the address at the top from https://outlook.live.com/owa/ to https://outlook.live.com/mail/.

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A further improvement to make your inbox smarter gathers together all the photos you've emailed or received in one hub, so you can more easily deal with images, and share them more conveniently.

I tried the new quick suggestions feature but could not get it to work, even when using the example that Microsoft's Outlook team used to highlight the feature.

Microsoft has also added the new Expressions feature, which will give users access to a variety of emojis and GIFs that can be included in their email replies.

Outlook.com beta's new personalization options allow you to pin emails from specific contacts to your shortcuts sidebar.

Or if you're talking about when a flight lands, again it will pop up a suggestion to add the full flight details to the email. There you find listed popular emoji and GIF. The Outlook team mentioned updates to the Calendar and People features of Outlook.com explicitly.

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