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Kerry Washington, 'Scandal' Cast Reflect on Finale and Shondaland's Legacy

20 May 2017, 08:06 | Anna Nguyen

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"We'll see. I feel like we have a lot to learn in the next season".

Meanwhile, Quinn redecorated Olivia's old office. Mama Pope has made all the money, billions of dollars!

And her first act?

Kerry Washington had no idea how much her life would change when she signed on to play Olivia Pope on Scandal. It's a little too easy, is not it? For her, for women, for Liv. If Maya surprises us by his perseverance, we also admire the patience of Rowan! As her father warned, Olivia is not the symptom, she's the disease. As much to say that this conversation is trying for Papa Pope! Abby turns the job down, but tells Quinn to just hire her to work at OPA.

While it remains unclear whether this was Shonda Rhimes' plan from the beginning, we do know that season 7 put Mellie and Olivia in new positions that we've never seen them in before. Olivia says to Jake as she departs. As for Fitz, he confesses to Mellie that he would cancel the inauguration because he knows what it is to be shot and proves it in a speech as powerful as it is moving. Mellie is the president, Cyrus will eventually be vice president. It will be an interesting time and a befitting ultimate final chapter for finding out who Olivia Pope really is. Inspired, Liv let's Maya go, telling her that they have put a chip in her. She doesn't give up any information, and then Olivia starts to strangle her. It is stopped in extremis by Jake.

After a failed effort, Olivia, tells Mellie she's in jeopardy and tells her a public inauguration may be out of the question. Mellie reminds her of how great this moment actually is. Who run the world? Eli convinced him that the outgoing POTUS was flawless to lead it since he knew the players, the world and the USA military/intelligence forces.

Washington, 40, refers to her cast mates as her "family" and truly appreciates how accommodating the entire cast and crew - not to mention and fans - were when the actress revealed she was pregnant with Caleb and would not be able to film a full 22-episode sixth season.

As Maya tries to rattle her captors, Khandi Alexander gets the kind of showy monologue usually reserved for Joe Morton, and she bites into it. Alexander throws herself into the scene with such gusto, it's all the more disappointing that she can't make the material fly.

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Here's a major issue in their way: After Olivia became outraged over Fitz's decision to take over B613, she secretly chose to run B613 herself, putting her on her darkest path yet. However, they do find Maya's plans along Mellie's inauguration route. However, nothing happens because Maya is neutralized by Rowan in season 6 of Scandal.

Well, Jake and Olivia had a plan.

"But I think she's still trying to think of Cyrus as an ally because, in Washington, there's no one better", Young said. The finality of it felt real as Fitz took off in his helicopter, but it is never really over with them. Remembering the last few months, Olivia understands that her mother was aimed at the guilty: Luna Vargas! She reveals that she's upset that Fitz was going to Vermont and wanted him to stay, but not as head of B613.

Again, give me that "Quinn and Crew fight racist crimes with a baby" spin-off any day now.

After getting everything in order, Liv tells Cyrus everything. Olivia has not only lit the white hat on fire, but she's probably bathed in its ashes. Wanting to die as a heroine, Luna decides to do so.

In fact, Mellie feels insulted that Olivia would even consider it. This leads to the realization that people are who they are. Yeah, and given their proclivity for slitting throats, how is she going to run OPA, raise a child, and prevent the child from turning into a psycho-killer? This double episode was a very nice conclusion of this season 6 completely insane, fascinating and addictive. We cannot wait to be back!

Some of that talk was either confirmed or laid to rest this week when the season six finale aired, and Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) was sworn in as the President of the United States of America.

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