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Footage Shows Erdogan Witnessed Guards Beating Protesters

20 May 2017, 09:40 | Jan Cross

WASHINGTON (AP) - Top congressional Republicans are demanding the Trump administration take swift and severe action against the Turkish government in response to violence involving members of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's security detail, with one saying the U.S. On the campaign trail, he said he'd like to punch a protester in the face and longed for the days when protesters could be, as he put it, "carried out on a stretcher".

On May 16, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the White House to chat with President Donald Trump. In the movie, we witnessed the beginnings of these acts of atrocity with the depiction of young, Turkish men beating innocent people. Six protesters were injured, including a police officer.

In one of the most damning videos (see below), a man bends into the open back door of Erdogan's vehicle parked in the driveway outside the residence.

It wasn't clear if Erdogan had communicated with the assailants, according to The New York Times. "Somebody told them to go and beat up on these peaceful demonstrators, and I think it should have repercussions, including identifying these people and bringing charges against them", McCain said.

"The State Department has raised its concerns about these events at the highest levels", a State Department spokesperson said in a statement.

New video published Thursday shows Erdogan's black Mercedes sedan surrounded by agents as it sat parked near the demonstrations.

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The protesters, who were at this moment chanting anti-Erdogan slogans outside the residence, can be heard on the video. Uniformed police try to break up the confrontation, but the attackers continue their assault.

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The US police also branded the incident as a "brutal attack" on peaceful protesters.

But without the president's voice, how strong, really, is that concern?

Reports said that the USA police failed to take action against the pro-PKK group after complaints by Turkish-Americans.

Ferad's analysis reveals that one of Erdogan's bodyguards said "dalın diyor, servet abi dalın diyor [he says attack servet abi, he says attack]", just after Erdogan is seen speaking with his bodyguard.

With Trump, there is no voice of moral authority. The demonstrators said they were attacked by security forces as they peacefully protested.

"Groups affiliated with the PKK [the Kurdistan Workers' Party], which the USA and Turkey have designated as a terrorist organization... began aggressively provoking Turkish-American citizens who had peacefully assembled to greet the President", read a statement from the Turkish embassy on Wednesday.

Even before those protests turned violent, there was considerable unhappiness within the Turkish community regarding Trump's willingness to offer Erdogan an official White House visit. Two men were bloodied from head wounds as bystanders assisted dazed protesters.Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham said at a news conference on Wednesday that police had a good idea of most of the assailants' identities and were investigating with the Secret Service and State Department.

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